Monday, August 29, 2005

Felted Bag Fun Times!

I've had these bags finished for a while but it took me a while to get up the energy to take the pics and upload them. The first is a clutch that I knit using the pattern in Weekend Knitting. This project was a lot of first for me. My first recycled yarn from a sweater from SalVal. My first hand-dyed yarn using kool-aid and the dyes from my 'make your own bathsalts kit' and vinegar. And my first time felting. I think it turned out pretty awesome. I made it for a friend but ended up keeping for myself. Honestly, I don't know anyone who would enjoy these color combos as much as me. I used some magenta wool-ease that I picked up at Tuesday Morning in single row sections. Because this yarn doesn't felt I had to put it between rows of feltable yarn. I also added some blue Mode Dea Cache that has a metallic element that looks pretty cool.

The next bag is from Hello Yarn. I knit this in Patons Up-Country that I picked up at Micheals on clearance. This yarn is discontinued which is too bad because it is fun for quick felted things. I used 2.5 skeins and finished the knitting in 2 nights, mostly on the plane ride to Jess' wedding before I became Clapotis Crazy. It felted in 2 wash cycles (much faster than the striped clutch). I stretched it over a shoe box to dry and it blocked into a pretty cool square bottom shape.
I made this for my friend Pam's birthday and gave it to her today. Happy Birthday... sorry so late!


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