Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Jen!

Check out this card I made for one of my best friends Jen. It's a little nod to the funniest movie ever. Steel Magnolias
jen loves pork-n-beans...she eats them with everything.
I made her this wonderful toilet paper roll cozy that was designed by MK Carroll
From AboveFrom Afar
I didn't want to crochet the whole thing because I thought the white toilet paper would show through black crochet stitches. Also, I didn't want to knit slick acrylic with a bunch of aluminum circs so I decide to knit it flat. I ended up with WAY to much nori so there is about a 5 inch overlap on the roll. I think this adds to the authenticity of the piece, no? Hope you enjoy it Jen! And please don't curse me for further cluttering you house.


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