Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Clapotis est finis!

This weekend I was on a damn mission to get clapotis finished. The straight rows got old at about the 9th repeat but as soon as I was finished there the end went soooo fast.
Clap Full Length
I wouldn't even get up and look at it until I wove in all the ends. So it really is done!
What a dork
I think the yarn is pretty and I like that it is kind of shiny but I wish that I would have held out for the silk merino.
Close Up
The cotton is just a little too heavy for the pattern and I definately can't wear this as a scarf because I feel like I'm gonna choke. Another interesting thing to note: I knit "correctly" now. I used to knit through the back of the loop and I have no idea where I picked this up. It causes problems for me when the directions call for knitting through the back loop when that is what I'm doing to begin with. I wanted to figure it out! I wanted to be an Anarchist Knitter! I just could not get the pattern to work for me with my confusion back-loop-counterclockwise way of doing things. So I forced myself to knit through the front, which felt sooo unnatural at first but now I'm just as fast at that. I still knit stockinette stitch in the round through the back but with everything else I've conformed.


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