Saturday, April 29, 2006

fish...what the fuck?

so imagine stepping out side to have a smoke when your half lit and almost planting your bare ass foot on this.

eeeehhh. pile of dead fish on my back patio. so mysterious AND fucking gross.

this happened after a girls night out with these folks

serious fun. i love how julia looks like she's about 2 feet tall in this pic.

hmm what else? oh i made some stuff, obviously.

a slipcover for this magazine file

and this little teddy bear... yang was kinda afraid of it.

but mostly i've been working on this...which is no longer secret since the roamer has somehow managed to a. get internet access & b. find me on myspace. hey babe! hope you like the blanket!
serious afghan progress:

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Brad!

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends...

....hopefully I'll be getting to see a whole lot more of you soon.