Tuesday, March 28, 2006

bustin' out an afghan

the roamer sent me some yarn for valentines day. it's acrylic so it's not really appropriate for a sweater or anything that you would where against your skin but perfect for an afghan because you can just throw it in the dryer when the cat pukes on it.
he sent this baby blue color and some off white. after swatching it up a little i decided if i made a blanket out of it, i would end up with a gigantic baby blanket. so i picked out some complimentary colors and worked up this design using blocks from this book.

so far i have this much finished:

6 blocks - 58 to go

this book is pretty cool because you can knit any block from the book and as long as you use the same needles and yarn they will end up being the same size. so far my blocks have come out pretty close but i think i will need to block the hell out of them. anybody know how to block acrylic?

also: yang muffin peed on my brand new mattress yesterday. any suggestions for getting that out?


Anonymous nona said...

What a neat afghan -- it reminds me of a quilt! I like the idea of mixing and matching blocks, helps to keep a big project interesting.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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