Monday, November 21, 2005

give me some color baby!

so when someone asks for something colorful, i get real excited. knitting colorful things is so much funner (yeah, funner) than plain things like, say a ginormous stockinette monochrome sweater...

convertable mittens progress shots

broad street mittens from knitty. worsted weight wool from my stash. size 3 dpns.

i used these mittens as an excuse to buy some more yarn today because i realized that maybe i needed some more 'manly' colors. i decided that i should prolly just leave the magenta out all together, even though i think he would probably wear them no matter what color they are. these will be a xmas present for the roamer, he's cool like that.

two more days and i'm off to north carolina for some rest and jess's sweet home cookin'


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